If you do much system administration, then you know that sometimes you have to write scripts that can move files between servers. I’m not really a system administrator by trade, but I did have to do this sort of thing in some of my programs anyway. Python has several 3rd party packages that provide this ability. We’ll be looking at how to do it with paramiko which depends on PyCrypto (or download PyCrypto from PyPI). (more…)

The bbfreeze package also allows us to create binaries, but only on Linux and Windows. It’s just an easy_install away, so if you plan on following along with the examples in the article, you should go get it. The bbfreeze package includes egg support, so it can include egg dependencies in your binary, unlike py2exe. You can also freeze multiple scripts at once, include the Python interpreter and more. According to bbfreeze’s PyPI entry, it’s only been tested with Python 2.4-2.5, so keep that in mind. However, I was able to use it with Python 2.6 with no obvious problems. (more…)

Soon after getting hired at my current job, my boss sent me a script (which I think was based on this article) about Python and a certain text-to-speech module called pyTTS. This was right after Python 2.5 had released. Anyway, it’s basically a nice wrapper over the win32com module which can communicate with the Microsoft Speech API (SAPI). (more…)