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The last talk I went to at PyCon on Friday (March 27), I went to Michael Foord’s talk, Functional Testing of Desktop Applications. He used IronPython examples in his demos from his book, IronPython in Action. His primary topic was on testing GUIs and the problems inherently involved thereof. (more…)

Jim Hugunin kicked off his talk, PyCon 2009 – IronPython: Data, Directions and Demos with mentioning his colleagues at Microsoft. He then went on to talk about the newest release of IronPython, which is 2.6 Alpha, which actually matches the Python 2.6 version as much as possible. It sounded like the recent version of IronPython 2.0 Final also has lots of cool stuff, like 500 bugs closed, more builtins and the ability to compile to a dll. (more…)