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I’ve been working on an article about the various Python projects that took part in the 2010 Google Summer of Code for over a month. There are a lot of projects and people to contact and I would say of the ones that I did contact, only 50-60% responded back. So I’m going to go with what I’ve got now and if you’d like to have me highlight your project too, then you can contact me and I’ll do so. It should be noted that a similar article will be posted on the Python Software Foundation blog as well, that I also wrote. (more…)

Steve Holden gave a talk on where Python is at Friday afternoon. For those not in the know, Holden is the current chairman of the Python Software Foundation (PSF). His first topic was about the PSF and how few member it had as well as how they were planning to add additional members at this PyCon. Holden spoke on who the Python community is, what noobs think of Python when they first start using it, Python conferences, development, PSF grants, the Python website and more.