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Category: System Administration

A post about system administration

Python 101: Writing a cleanup script

January 24, 2014 by Yasoob Khalid
Editor's note: This is a guest post from Yasoob Khalid who authors the Free Python Tips blog So hi there guys! I hope you are fine. So what is in this post? Today we will be writing a cleanup script. The idea for this post came from Mike Driscoll who recently wrote a very useful […]

Python: Changing Microsoft Office User Initials

October 27, 2010 by Mike
A couple of months ago at work, we received a report that a file was locked. The dialog that appeared showed the initials of a user who wasn't even working for us any more. Thus we discovered an annoying bug that can crop up with Office. Basically, a user is asked by Word or Excel […]

How to Find and List All Running Processes with Python

October 3, 2010 by Mike
The other day, I was tasked with finding a way to get a list of all running processes on a Windows XP virtual machine. I was also supposed to include information about how much CPU and memory each process used. Fortunately, this didn't have to be a remote script, but one that could be run […]

Getting Remote Drive Space on Windows

September 9, 2010 by Mike
After about a year or so at my current job, as we were still working on upgrading the last few Windows 98 machines to Windows XP, we had a need to check which machines on our network were getting low on disk space. The issue was cropping up because we had Windows XP loaded on […]

PyWin32: Getting Windows Event Logs

July 27, 2010 by Mike
The other day, there was a post on one of the mailing lists that I follow about accessing the Windows Event Logs. I thought that was an interesting topic, so I went looking for examples and found a pretty nice example on ActiveState. In this article, you'll find out what I discovered.

Python: Running Ping, Traceroute and More

June 5, 2010 by Mike
Last year I needed to figure out a way to get the following information with Python: get the route table, capture the data from pinging a series of IPs, run tracert and get information about the NIC(s) installed. This all needed to be done on a Windows machine as it was part of a diagnostics […]
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