How to Send an Email with Python (Video)

Learn how to Send Email (with attachments!) with Python   Want to learn more? Check out my Python 101 book: Leanpub (eBooks) Amazon (paperback) Or check out my other books and learn how to create Excel spreadsheets, edit images, work with Jupyter Notebook, create GUIs and more: Gumroad (eBooks and Videos)

Python 101 – An Intro to Classes (Video)

Learn the basics of Classes and get your first taste of Object Oriented Programming in Python in this tutorial You will learn about: Class creation self — what it means Subclass creation Polymorphism Want to learn more? Buy my book, Python 101 – 2nd Edition: Leanpub (PDF, epub, mobi) Gumroad (PDF, epub, mobi) Amazon (Paperback …

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