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Parsing XML with Python using lxml.objectify

June 6, 2012 by Mike
A couple years ago I started a series of articles on XML parsing. I covered lxml's etree and Python's included minidom XML parsing library. For whatever reason I didn't notice lxml's objectify sub-package, but I saw it recently and decided I should check it out. To my mind, the objectify module seems to be even […]

Book Review: web2py Application Development Cookbook

May 25, 2012 by Mike
I have read about web2py on several occasions, but never used it myself. Then a few weeks ago, a representative from Packt Publishing contacted me about reviewing their new cookbook about web2py. It's written by seven authors, namely: Richard Gordon, Pablo Martin Mulone, Mariano Reingart, Bruno Cezar Rocha, Massimo Di Pierro, Michele Comitini and Jonathan […]

Website Automation with Python, Firefox and Selenium

May 6, 2012 by Mike
An appropriate alternate title would be: How to control a web page or test your website with Python. Recently, I was given the following assignment: 1) Login to a website 2) click on a toolbar and load a specific search form 3) enter some data into one of the fields on the form and search […]

January 2012 Pyowa Wrap Up

January 7, 2012 by Mike
Last Thursday (the 5th) I attended Pyowa, the local Iowa Python Users group I founded a few years ago. We had Scott Peterson from Principal Financial Group come and talk to us about Library Gadget, a cool Django-based website he created to track what library books his family has checked out. Now he has lots […]

TurboGears 2: Setting up on Windows

August 14, 2011 by Mike
TurboGears is one of several web frameworks for Python that are available. The most popular by far is Django. Where I work, we chose TurboGears because of its integration with SQLAlchemy which supports composite keys. At that time, Django did not support that feature and I am not sure if it does yet. Anyway, I […]

PyCon 2011: Interview with Wesley Chun

February 21, 2011 by Mike
As PyCon approaches, the blogger community was invited to interview the speakers that are coming to the event. I chose Wesley Chun, writer of Core Python Programming and co-author of Python Web Development with Django. In this interview, I ask Wesley about his talk, Running Django Apps on Google App Engine and about PyCon in […]
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