PyCon 2009 – Teach Me Web Testing (Saturday)

From 4-5:15, Steve Holden held a Teach Me Web Testing Open Space session in which he set up his laptop and a projector, loaded his website, put some whiskey and vodka out on a table and then asked the crowd to teach him how to test his website using tools written in Python.

PyCon 2009 – Saturday Afternoon Talks

In the afternoon of the 2nd official day of PyCon 2009, I started off the talks with Ed Leafe’s Dabo talk on web applications using Dabo. He used a product that they have created called Springboard that kind of does a Google Gears type of interaction with the web.

PyCon 2009 – Saturday Morning

I didn’t get a chance to write about what happened on Saturday at PyCon, so here’s a quick rundown of what I saw and did in the morning: I walked over to the Hyatt from Crowne Plaza with a researcher from Belgium. Then I attended the morning lightning talks and Guido’s keynote.

PyCon 2009 – IronPython: Data, Directions and Demos (talk)

Jim Hugunin kicked off his talk, PyCon 2009 – IronPython: Data, Directions and Demos with mentioning his colleagues at Microsoft. He then went on to talk about the newest release of IronPython, which is 2.6 Alpha, which actually matches the Python 2.6 version as much as possible. It sounded like the recent version of IronPython …

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PyCon 2009 – How Python is Developed (talk)

The How Pycon is Developed talk was given by Brett Cannon, a Python core developer. Brett spoke on how to start helping out with programming Python Core. To start off, he recommended learning the bug tracking system and how to use it, then start fixing bugs. To get started, go to news-bugs-announce or python-bugs-list. there …

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