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PyCon 2009 - Windmill Talk

March 27, 2009 by Mike
The Windmill talk was given by Adam Christian. It is an IDE for testing websites in various browsers. It allows the developer to build, record and edit tests. The playback and debugging is done in the IDE. It can launch Firebug in Firefox or use Firebug-Lite in the other browsers. It also has a DOM […]

PyCon 2009 - Namespaces Talk with Jeff Rush

March 27, 2009 by Mike
The first PyCon talk I attended was entitled About Python Namespaces (and Code Objects), presented by Jeff Rush. This talk was a little over my head. Be sure to grab the slides and watch the video when and if the PyCon organizers post them.

PyCon 2009 Day 1 - Plenary and Morning Lightning

March 27, 2009 by Mike
On March 27th,  2009, PyCon Chicago really started off. Some might call the previous two days of tutorials a pre-PyCon, but the "real" conference didn't start until today. This morning, the organizers have scheduled an opening Plenary and some morning lightning talks. After the lightning is over, we have a break and then it's on […]

PyCon 2009 Tutorial Days

March 26, 2009 by Mike
Today the Pycon 2009 tutorial days finished. I attended both TurboGears classes on Wednesday, and then I went to the Py.Test and Internet Programming classes on Thursday. The TurboGears classes were mostly led by Mark Ramm, one of the core TG developers. Unfortunately, his class notes, slides and code samples were riddled with errors and […]

XKCD Artist Banned From PyCon

February 11, 2009 by Mike
Last week, PyCon officials banned Randall Munroe of the webcomic, XKCD from PyCon. This is an odd move after licensing one of his comics for last year's conference. Of course, if you look at the PyCon mailing list's archives, you'll soon realize that this is a publicity stunt and they are instead trying very hard […]

Feb. 5th - 2009 Pyowa Meeting Wrap-up

February 6, 2009 by Mike
At our Pyowa meeting last night, we had 7 new people plus myself. I thought it was a good turnout considering 5 people dropped out over the past few days. We spoke a little about having a Python Day of our own, but we didn't really come up with much. Thus, I am asking for […]
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