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How to Rotate / Mirror Photos with Python

October 5, 2017 by Mike
In our last article, we learned how to crop images with the Pillow package. For this article, we will learn how to rotate and mirror our images. Rotating an Image Rotating an image with Python and Pillow is quite simple. Let's take a look at some code:

How to Crop a Photo with Python

October 3, 2017 by Mike
If you like taking photos than you will probably also find yourself cropping your photos from time to time. I will crop photos to get rid of background noise or to just focus more on the subject I was trying to capture. I also like to take high resolution photos of insects or other small […]

How to Create a Diff of an Image in Python

October 11, 2016 by Mike
For the past couple of years, I've been writing automated tests for my employer. One of the many types of tests that I do is comparing how an application draws. Does it draw the same way every single time? If not, then we have a serious problem. An easy way to check that it draws […]

An Intro to the Python Imaging Library / Pillow

October 7, 2016 by Mike
The Python Imaging Library or PIL allowed you to do image processing in Python. The original author, Fredrik Lundh, wrote one of my favorite Python blogs when I first started learning Python. However PIL's last release was way back in 2009 and the blog also stopped getting updated. Fortunately, there were some other Python folks […]
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