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Tag: Pillow

Getting GPS EXIF Data with Python

January 13, 2021 by Mike
Did you know that you can get EXIF data from JPG image files using the Python programming language? You can use Pillow, the Python Imaging Library's friendly fork to do so. You can read an article about that on this website if you want to. Here is some example code for getting regular EXIF data […]

How to Add a Border to Your Photos with Python

October 26, 2017 by Mike
Sometimes it's fun to add a simple border to your photos. The Pillow package has a very easy method of adding such borders to your images via its ImageOps module. As usual, you will need to have Pillow installed to do any of the examples in this article. If you don't have it already, you […]

How to Watermark Your Photos with Python

October 17, 2017 by Mike
When you look up photos online, you will notice that some of them are watermarked. A watermark is usually some text or a logo overlaid on the photo that identifies who took the photo or who owns the rights to the photo. Some professionals recommend adding watermarks to your photos before sharing them on social […]
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