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Tag: System Admin

Restarting PCs with Python

March 27, 2010 by Mike
Have you ever wanted to restart your Windows PC with out pressing Start, Shutdown or CTRL+ALT+DEL? What about restarting your annoying co-worker's PC...the one who just doesn't know when to shut up? Well, Python has the answer and this blog will tell you how to do it!

Python's _winreg: Editing the Windows Registry

March 20, 2010 by Mike
Python's standard library is known for including lots of handy modules and packages that can be used without installing anything else. That's one of the primary reasons that its standard library is called "batteries included" so often. So it should come as no surprise that Python includes a Windows only module for editing the Windows […]

Python: Finding the Commit Charge Values in Windows

March 5, 2010 by Mike
This week I was tasked with trying to find a way to find out what the Peak Commit value was on our virtual workstations. The reason being that we are trying to save money and were wondering if we were allocating too much memory or not. We didn't need the Total Commit Charge or the […]

Creating Windows Shortcuts with Python (Part II)

February 25, 2010 by Mike
Back when I first wrote about creating shortcuts with Python last month, I kept thinking to myself that I had a 3rd way of doing it. Today, I had to maintain some of my shortcut code and I stumbled upon it once more. I also noticed that my post had received a comment from Tim […]

Python, Windows and Printers

February 14, 2010 by Mike
I do a fair amount of technical support in addition to my software development. In our small shop, we get to troubleshoot anything that is related to technology, from networks to software to printers. I think one of the most annoying aspects is trying to get printers to work the way the user wants. Another […]

Using Python to Reduce the Roaming Profile

February 9, 2010 by Mike
Roaming Profiles are a blessing and a curse. If the user uses the internet, their browser's cached files will grow like mad. If the user downloads programs to their desktop or creates large Powerpoint files anywhere in their profile, then they have to be managed whenever the user logs in or out. There are several […]
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