Python 101 Online Course is FREE for 48 Hours!

My Python 101 online course will be completely FREE for the next 48 hours on Educative’s website. Be sure to go get yourself a copy.

It is based on my Python 101 book. When you get it from Educative, it will be yours to keep for life. Note that this is an interactive online course, not a video course. If you enjoy the Python 101 online course, you can get my second online course, Python 201 for 50% off just by using the following coupon: au-promo-py201.


  • Python 101 Online course (FREE for 48 Hours)
  • Python 201 Online course (50% off with au-promo-py201 coupon

You can also get my eBooks for 50% off the suggested price with the following links:

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  • Terry

    Looks like the Educative site is unresponsive so I can’t access your course.

  • Strange. It works for me

  • Preston Baez

    Happened to me on mobile, worked fine on PC.

  • Turns out they had some load problems. They told me they think they have that fixed now.

  • Jeremy Chen

    It took a while to get the email confirmation and then the freebie expired. 🙁
    But still thanks!