My name is Mike Driscoll. I am a computer programmer by trade and use Python almost exclusively to make my living. I’m on the wxPython mailing list and their IRC channel (#wxpython) on freenode a lot, so if you’d like to find me, you can do so there.

You can support this site by purchasing one of my books:

I also have some MouseVsPython shirts here.

If you’d like to translate this blog or use the code, feel free. Just follow the license.

About Mike

I have been using Python since April 2006. I used to blog for the Python Software Foundation from time to time. Other than blogging, I enjoy engaging in Christian apologetics, read novels, listen to a wide variety of music and learn photography.

Some of my blog articles are getting syndicated over at DZone and I have also done some Python book reviews for I Programmer.

I founded Iowa’s local Python user group, Pyowa, which meets once a month.

I have been a technical reviewer for Packt Publishing since late 2009. A technical reviewer is supposed to look at the book’s structure and check for technical issues rather than grammatical issues. I do both as I want the books to be the best they can be. It’s an unpaid position, but I get a copy of the book I edited and a copy of any book from their library that I want. Here is an incomplete list of the books that I have reviewed for Packt:

I am the co-author of the original The Essential Core Python Cheat Sheet for DZone. You can get it here: http://refcardz.dzone.com/refcardz/core-python



My Code

Code from my blog can be found on Github.

I also started the following open source projects:

  • MediaLocker – A simple application for storing your media using wxPython and SQLAlchemy
  • Boomslang – A simple XML Editor written in wxPython

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