My name is Mike Driscoll. (@driscollis) I am a computer programmer by trade and use Python almost exclusively to make my living. .

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I also have some MouseVsPython shirts here.

If you’d like to translate this blog or use the code, feel free. Just follow the license.

About Mike

I have been using Python since April 2006. I used to blog for the Python Software Foundation from time to time. Other than blogging, I enjoy engaging in Christian apologetics, read novels, listen to a wide variety of music and learn photography.

Some of my blog articles are getting syndicated over at DZone and I have also done some Python book reviews for I Programmer.

I founded Iowa’s local Python user group, Pyowa, which meets once a month.

I have been a technical reviewer for Packt Publishing since late 2009. A technical reviewer is supposed to look at the book’s structure and check for technical issues rather than grammatical issues. I do both as I want the books to be the best they can be. It’s an unpaid position, but I get a copy of the book I edited and a copy of any book from their library that I want. Here is an incomplete list of the books that I have reviewed for Packt:

I am the co-author of the original The Essential Core Python Cheat Sheet for DZone. You can get it here: http://refcardz.dzone.com/refcardz/core-python



Webinars / Livestreams


My Code

Code from my blog and my books can be found on Github.

I also started the following open source projects:

  • MediaLocker – A simple application for storing your media using wxPython and SQLAlchemy
  • Boomslang – A simple XML Editor written in wxPython

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  1. Thought you might like to know about this…

    Here is free access to the rough cut version of Mark Summerfield’s “Programming in Python 3: A Complete Introduction to the Python Language.” Here Summerfield explains the structure and approach of his book and shows you how to install Python.
    This chapter is from the Rough Cut version of the book.

  2. Glad it helped you. I’m surprised I get traffic from someone needing help with C++ though. You should give Python a try sometime 😉

    – Mike

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