My name is Mike Driscoll. I am a computer programmer by trade and use Python almost exclusively to make my living. This blog’s original purpose was to be a brain dump. I would post code that I wanted to remember on here and if someone else found it useful, that was a bonus.

While this blog continues to be used in this manner to some degree, it has been expanded to include many Python tutorials. Eventually, this too will be expanded as I hope to write about the many other Python packages that I use or discover. I’m on the wxPython mailing list and their IRC channel (#wxpython) on freenode a lot, so if you’d like to find me, you can.

You can support this site by purchasing some MouseVsPython shirts here or by clicking on any of the Amazon links in the book reviews and buying something on Amazon. It doesn’t even have to be the book!

If you’d like to translate this blog or use the code, feel free. Just follow the license.

About Mike

I have been using Python since April 2006. I also blog for the Python Software Foundation from time to time. Other than blogging, I enjoy engaging in Christian apologetics, read novels, listen to a wide variety of music and learn photography. I write documentation for the wxPython project’s wiki page and help wxPython user’s on their mailing list. I also help Python user’s on the PyWin32 list and occasionally the comp.lang.py list too.

Some of my blog articles are getting syndicated over at DZone and I have also started doing Python book reviews for I Programmer.

I founded Iowa’s local Python user group, Pyowa, which meets once a month.

I have been a technical reviewer for Packt Publishing since late 2009. A technical reviewer is supposed to look at the book’s structure and check for technical issues rather than grammatical issues. I do both as I want the books to be the best they can be. It’s an unpaid position, but I get a copy of the book I edited and a copy of any book from their library that I want. Here is a list of the books that I have reviewed for Packt:

I also co-authored The Essential Core Python Cheat Sheet for DZone. You can get it here: http://refcardz.dzone.com/refcardz/core-python

In June 2014 I was featured as Dev of the Week on DZone.

My Code

Code from my blog can be found on Bitbucket. I also started the MediaLocker project with one of my blog articles.

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