Feb. 5th – 2009 Pyowa Meeting Wrap-up

At our Pyowa meeting last night, we had 7 new people plus myself. I thought it was a good turnout considering 5 people dropped out over the past few days. We spoke a little about having a Python Day of our own, but we didn’t really come up with much. Thus, I am asking for ideas and hope to get them compiled for our next meeting so we can set a date.

The rest of the meeting was spent working on the first couple of goofy computer problems I had. We had three teams working on them, and we had quite a variety. I went with functions and another went completely OOP with a class interface. We were just converting Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice-versa. The 2nd program was to take a series of numbers and change them to text, for example:

If the user enters: 123, then the output should be “one two three”. To make things tougher, we also needed a way to do negative numbers. Here’s one way to do it:

numberDict = {0:"zero", 1:"one", 2:"two", 3:"three", 4:"four",
5:"five", 6:"six", 7:"seven", 8:"eight", 9:"nine"}

value = raw_input("Please enter a number or series of numbers to be converted to text: ")

for val in value:
if isinstance(val, str) and val == "-":
print "minus",
# Only print characters that can be converted to the integer type
print numberDict[int(val)],

Of course, there are many problems with this implementation. For example, there’s not much in the way of exception handling and there’s no way to run it again without just re-running the script. It would be better as a function or a class, but I’ll leave those tasks as an exercise for the reader.

Our next meeting will be March 2nd, 2009 at the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office. I hope to see you there!