PyCon 2009 – Open Space and Other Highlights

Now that I’ve covered the major stuff that I went to at PyCon 2009, I thought I should write a quick note about the other stuff I saw and did. I already mentioned going to the Open Space for Authors and Editors and the wxPython BoF, so I won’t rehash those here.Instead, let’s talk about the other Open Space events I went to. I checked out the one for Local Users Groups and got some more ideas on how to improve the Iowa one. I also got to put some more faces to names at that meeting, which was kind of nice. Catherine Devlin was there, as was Jeff Rush and some others whose names escape me. Anyway, I hope to be able to use their ideas productively.

I went to something else as well, but whatever it was isn’t coming back to me now. Oh well. On Saturday night, I had dinner with Christopher Barker, author of the float canvas widget for wxPython and a regular contributor to the wxPython mailing list. It was good to chat with someone so knowledgeable in a project I use almost every day. I felt like I was a lousy conversation partner though; and they decided to “celebrate” earth hour during our dinner, which made it quite difficult to see.

I guess that’s it for now. If you have questions about PyCon, just drop me a line.