Python Links of the Week: 07/15/2011

I’ve been kind of lazy about putting these out lately, but I have decided to try to do this more regularly. This week covers a lot of different topics including a controversial article from Steve Holden! You can also learn about an exotic location for a Python Conference, Sage and Meta-programming. If you’re new to Python, then you will be amazed at the diversity of the topics. These don’t even begin to scratch the surface of what is going on in the Python world, but they may whet your appetite. Enjoy!

  • Ever wanted to learn a little about Meta-programming in Python? Now’s your chance!
  • Don’t know Sage? Well, there’s a Beginner’s Guide for it out now and here’s a review by John Cook.
  • Steve Holden talks about Childish Behavior regarding the naming of a certain Python module
  • PyCon Australia’s schedule has been announced! Now you too can learn about Python and see Kangaroos in their natural habitat. I call that a win/win!
  • There’s an update on the Python African tour
  • For up to the minute Python news, check out Twitter
  • NWSGI 2.1 for IronPython 2.7 out now