Central Python Events Calendar Announced

The Python Software Foundation recently put out an announcement about a central Python events calendar. I thought that was really cool, so I’m reproducing their announcement here. Spread the word!


Central Python Events Calendars

maintained by the Python Software Foundation (PSF)
and a group of volunteers


The PSF has put together a team of volunteers who are maintaining a
central Python events calendar. We currently have two calendars
in place:

* Python Events Calendar – meant for conferences and larger gatherings
focusing on Python or a related technology (in whole or in part)

* Python User Group Calendar – meant for user group events and other
smaller local events

The calendars are displayed on http://pycon.org/ and in a smaller
version in the sidebar of the http://python.org/ website (at the moment
only the main events calendar is shown there).


If you want to have entries added to those calendars, please write
to events@pycon.org and include the following information:

* Name of the event
* Type of the event (conference, bar camp, user group, etc)
* Focus on Python
* Location and country
* Date and time (if relevant)

For recurring events, please also include a description of the
recurrence in a way that’s compatible and supported by Google


More information on the calendars, the URLs, feed links, IDs, embedding,
etc. is available on the wiki: