PyDev and Python profiler UI Crowdfunding Project

Last year there was an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in support of PyDev, the Python IDE plugin for Eclipse. It was put on by the primary developer of PyDev, Fabio Zadrozny. As a part of that campaign, Fabio also created LiClipse.

Anyway, Fabio is at it again with a new crowdfunding campaign. You can read about it here. Fabio has two targets for this campaign. The first is adding the following features to PyDev:

  • Allow preferences which are currently global to be configured per-project.
  • Provide a proper way to export/import PyDev settings to a new workspace.
  • Suport for namespace packages in code-completion.
  • Provide a way to auto-document types as well as checking existing types in docstrings when doing a test run.
  • Allow running an external pep8 linter (to support newer versions of
  • Show vertical lines for indentation.
  • Attach debugger to running process (although some caveats apply and under certain circumnstances this may not be possible).
  • Other requests to be defined based on community input as funding allows.

The second is, in my opinion, a bit more interesting. Fabio is planning on writing a profiler for PyDev that can also work outside of PyDev using Python and Qt. He has a list of features for the profiler listed in his campaign. It sounds pretty interesting. It should also be noted that PyDev and the proposed profiler will be open source, so you can always check out how the code works behind the scenes.

If you think either of these items sound interesting, then you should consider supporting Fabio in his endeavors.