Python 101 2nd Edition Kickstarter Preview

I have been kicking around the idea of updating my first book, Python 101, for over a year. After doing a lot of planning and outlining, I am ready to announce that I have started work on the book.

Python 101 2nd Ed Kickstarter

The new Python 101, 2nd Edition, will be a completely new book rather than just an updated book like a lot of publishers like to do. I feel like updating a chapter or two is a disservice to my readers. This new book will cover most of the items in the the original. However I am dropping the the tour of the standard library and replacing it with a “How-To” section as I think seeing live, working code is better than talking about syntax.

You can follow my Kickstarter now if you’d like to. The Kickstarter will go live February 17th at approx 8 a.m. CST and run 30 days.