Pillow: Image Processing with Python Now Available!

Pillow: Image Processing with Python is my latest book on the Python programming language. The paperback and Kindle versions are now available on Amazon.

The paperback version of the book is in full color. That is why it more expensive than any of my other books to purchase. I put together a little video where I talk a little about the book here:

You can order the eBook versions on Leanpub or Gumroad. When you purchase through either of these websites, you will receive a PDF, epub and mobi version of the book.

Pillow: Image Processing with Python Kickstarter

The Python Imaging Library allows you to use Python to edit photos. The Pillow package is the latest version of the Python Imaging Library. You can use Python to batch process your photos using Pillow.

In this book, you will learn about the following:

  • Opening and saving images
  • Extracting image metadata
  • Working with colors
  • Applying image filters
  • Cropping, rotating, and resizing
  • Enhancing images
  • Combining images
  • Drawing with Pillow
  • ImageChops
  • Integration with GUI toolkits

You’ll learn all these things and more in this book. Soon you will be able to edit photos like a professional using the Python programming language!