Announcing: Automating Excel with Python Kickstarter

Automating Excel with Python will be Michael Driscoll’s 10th Python book! This book’s primary goal is to help you automate the creation, editing, and reading of Excel spreadsheets using the Python programming language.
You can purchase early access to the book on Kickstarter as well as get exclusive perks there such as T-shirts, signed copies of the paperback, and discounted copies of one or more of my other books. Feel free to make requests for new perks to be added to the Kickstarter too!
Automating Excel with Python
In Automating Excel with Python, you will learn how to use Python to do the following:
  • Create Excel spreadsheets
  • Read Excel spreadsheets
  • Create different cell types
  • Add and remove sheets
  • Convert Excel spreadsheets into other file types
  • Cell styling (changing fonts, inserting images, background colors, etc)
  • Conditional formattings
  • Adding charts
  • and much more!

This book is primarily focused on the OpenPyXL package. OpenPyXL works cross-platform and does not require you to have Microsoft Excel installed to be able to create, edit or write Excel spreadsheets. You will learn everything you need to be able to use OpenPyXL to process Microsoft Excel spreadsheets effectively and efficiently.

Check out the Kickstarter now to support the book. The paperback will be published on all major platforms in January 2022, but you can get early access now!