PyBites Podcast: Episode #043 – Becoming a prolific Python content provider

This week, Mike Driscoll (author of this website), is on the PyBites Podcast. It’s titled Episode #043 – Becoming a prolific Python content provider

You can listen to the podcast on PyBites.

In the podcast, the hosts and I talk about:

  • how Mike got into programming and Python (and the importance of community),
  • how Mike uses Python at work for an automated test framework (to test C++ GUI apps),
  • how Mike got into Python content creation through blogging and later writing 9 (!) books,
  • how to keep up with new technology,
  • how to stay consistent and motivated in producing content,
  • the fundamental skills as a Python developer these days,
  • dealing with imposter syndrome (realizing you might have more to bring to the table than you think!)
  • learning new libraries, the benefit of pair programming (for both junior and senior engineers),
  • and more …