Announcing: Teach Me Python

Teach Me Python is a brand new website about the Python Programming language. Teach Me Python is a subscription-based service that will teach you Python using courses, eBooks, tutorials, and videos. The tutorials and courses will include live code examples that you can run in your browser, when possible.

Courses track your progress so you can see how far along you are in your learning journey.

What You Get

When you purchase a subscription to Teach Me Python, you will receive the following:

  • Access to all of Mike Driscoll’s self-published eBooks
  • Access to all of Mike Driscoll’s video courses
  • Access to additional Python courses that are exclusive to Teach Me Python
  • Any NEW Python books that are published while you are a subscriber
  • Early access to new Python tutorials that may or may not appear on Mouse vs Python

When you end your subscription, you will be able to keep any eBook(s) and Video course(s) that were available to you while you were a subscriber. However, the Teach Me Python exclusive courses are ONLY available to subscribers.

Future Courses

Teach Me Python is launching with two beginner courses based on Mike Driscoll’s popular book, Python 101 – 2nd Edition. There will be a third intermediate-level course added later this month or at the beginning of October 2022.

The Python Quiz Course will also be released in October or early November and then updated with new quizzes until it is complete. There will be a companion book for sale eventually as well.

Other additional intermediate courses are in the planning stages.

Subscription Types

There are three types of subscriptions for Teach Me Python:

  • Monthly – $10
  • Yearly – $99
  • Lifetime – $250 (single payment)

See the Site

You can see what the site and some of the services provided by watching this video:

Start learning the Python programming language today!