Anaconda Partners with Teradata for AI with Python packages in the Cloud

Anaconda has announced a new partnership with Teradata to bring Python and R packages to Teradata VantageCloud through the Anaconda Repository.

But what does that mean? This new partnership allows engineers to:

  • Rapidly deploy and operationalize AI/ML developed using open-source Python and R packages.
  • Unlock innovation and the full potential of data at scale with a wide variety of Python and R functionality on VantageCloud Lake.
  • Flexibly use packages and versions of their choice for large-scale data science, AI/ML and generative AI use-cases.
  • Securely work with Python/R models into VantageCloud Lake with no intellectual property (IP) leakage.

Teradata VantageCloud Lake customers can download Python and R packages from the Anaconda Repository at no additional cost. Python packages are available immediately, and R packages will be released before the end of the year.

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Learn more about partnering with Anaconda here.