PyCon 2010: Saturday – Morning Lightning Talks

Posted by Mike on February 20th, 2010 filed in PyCon

On Saturday morning, PyCon hosted some Lightning Talks for about half an hour. Here are the topics and authors (when I caught their names):

Joseph Tate – A web anti-pattern

Securing Python Package Management – Justin Samuel

The State of Crypto in Python – Geremy Condra

Haystack for Django, has custom search, includes tests and docs. Install Solr/Whoose/Xapian, then install Haystack

Contribute to Twisted – a plea to get people involved in Twisted dev

There was another guy who presented without slides as he or the Twisted guy managed to blow a fuse that caused the projectors to malfunction or something. I’ve already forgotten what he presented on. I thought the Haystack one was the most interesting as it engaged me the most. The others were interesting in there own way, but most of those talks needed more than 5-10 minutes to truly flush out their topics.

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