PyCon 2023 – The Third Day of the Conference (Sunday)

The third day of the PyCon conference (Sunday) was also a lot of fun. Let’s spend a bit of time talking about what happened!

If you missed it, see the previous article in this series, PyCon 2023 – The Second Day of the Conference (Saturday)

More Keynotes

The final keynotes happen on Sunday. The first keynote of the day was given by Margaret Mitchell. She talked about ethics and AI. The keynote was pretty interesting and you should check it out if you get a chance.

Sunday PyCon Keynote with Margaret Michell

Carol Willing gave the second keynote in the afternoon. I didn’t catch all of it, but there were a lot of positive comments about the talk on Twitter.

The last two talks in the grand ballroom were community awards and a short Python history / retrospective. The retrospective was given by Guido.

Poster Session and Job Fair

After the first keynote was over, the job fair and poster session started. I walked around and checked them all out. There was a neat one with lots of microcontrollers that they had synced up to play back very pixelated video or livestreams.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have their poster up yet, so I didn’t grab a photo. But here’s what the session as a whole looks like:

PyCon 2023 Poster Session

The job fair portion was pretty small. The listing on PyCon’s website seems quite a bit longer than the number that were actually there.

More Hallway Track

The reason I didn’t catch most of the other keynote type talks is because I had gotten into a conversation with Al Sweigart about his talk, An Overview of the Python Code Tool Landscape 2023. Then one of the core developers of the Pants package showed up and more conversation was had.

I also chatted with people from the Django project, Twisted, and more.

I attempted to go to a PyScript open space, but it was more of a discussion on PyScript’s pain points and feature ideas, so I listened for a bit and then left.

Next I went to an open space on CircuitPython which was hosted by Kattni Rembor from Adafruit. She gave away Adafruit Circuit Playground Express boards to the attendees and went over how to use them. They are really cool and I hope to spend time this year actually diving into CircuitPython and finally learn it properly

Wrapping Up

The main conference is now over and I am traveling back home. It was a lot of fun meeting new people and hanging out with old friends.

PyCon Sunset

The next time I attend PyCon, I hope to find the rest of the people I wanted to meet. See you then!