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wxPython: Learning to Use Fonts

Have you ever wondered about how to change your font in wxPython? Well, now is your lucky day because that is exactly what this tutorial is going to cover. We will look at the following three items:

  • Built-in fonts of wxPython
  • The font dialog
  • The font enumerator demo from the wxPython demo

Fonts are an important part of your program and enhance your program’s readability. It’s always a good idea to make sure your fonts are the right size and place. Yes, that’s common sense, but sometimes common sense doesn’t happen in programming. Enough philosophizing. Let’s get to the meat of the article!

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PyCon 2011: Post-PyCon Articles

PyCon 2011 (USA) is over. But a lot of people wrote articles about it. So in case you missed the action, you can check out a few of the articles about what happened. If you don’t see your favorite PyCon-related article here, let me know in the comments.