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Python 101: How to Move Files between Servers

If you do much system administration, then you know that sometimes you have to write scripts that can move files between servers. I’m not really a system administrator by trade, but I did have to do this sort of thing in some of my programs anyway. Python has several 3rd party packages that provide this ability. We’ll be looking at how to do it with paramiko which depends on PyCrypto (or download PyCrypto from PyPI). Continue reading Python 101: How to Move Files between Servers

Central Python Events Calendar Announced

The Python Software Foundation recently put out an announcement about a central Python events calendar. I thought that was really cool, so I’m reproducing their announcement here. Spread the word!


Central Python Events Calendars

maintained by the Python Software Foundation (PSF)
and a group of volunteers


The PSF has put together a team of volunteers who are maintaining a
central Python events calendar. We currently have two calendars
in place:

* Python Events Calendar – meant for conferences and larger gatherings
focusing on Python or a related technology (in whole or in part)

* Python User Group Calendar – meant for user group events and other
smaller local events

The calendars are displayed on and in a smaller
version in the sidebar of the website (at the moment
only the main events calendar is shown there).


If you want to have entries added to those calendars, please write
to and include the following information:

* Name of the event
* Type of the event (conference, bar camp, user group, etc)
* Focus on Python
* Location and country
* Date and time (if relevant)

For recurring events, please also include a description of the
recurrence in a way that’s compatible and supported by Google


More information on the calendars, the URLs, feed links, IDs, embedding,
etc. is available on the wiki: