I was approached by a representative from No Starch Press, the publisher of Python For Kids, to review their book. They provided me with a free dead tree copy and an eBook (PDF) version. This book appears to be in direct competition with Manning’s Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners by Sande. I’ll do a quick review and then you can read the more detailed review after the jump if you’re still interested.

Quick Review

  • Why I picked it up: Primarily because I asked by the publisher to read it. However, I find these extreme beginner books interesting in their own right. I just didn’t want to spend my own money on it. It’s also a Python 3 book!
  • Why I finished it: Actually, I didn’t finish it. The book is quite good, but it’s a beginner book and I ended up skimming it after I read about halfway through. But this is a well written book with an engaging writing style.
  • I’d give it to: I would give this book to someone with kids in high school who are interested in programming in general or Python specifically.