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Weekly Python News: 02/04/2011

It’s time for your weekly dose of Python news. What happened in the last week? Or what did I find that I thought was newsy? Lots of stuff, it turns out. This week, you can learn about the controversy of PyPI, Tablib, a “fireside” chat with Python’s founder that’s coming up next month at PyCon USA and more.

I hope you find a few of those links useful or interesting. Feel free to give me a few for next week in the comments!

How to Set up a TurboGears 2 Doc Environment

Last month I found some issues with the TurboGears 2 documentation and the guys on the TG IRC channel told me I should download the docs and do something about it. Alas, I didn’t know what I was doing, but with their guidance I got the code and it was mostly set up. Then my work got in the way and I forgot all about it. Yesterday I got into another conversation about the sad shape the docs are in on the same IRC channel and this time I decided to do it right. Here’s how you can get set up so you can help too! Continue reading How to Set up a TurboGears 2 Doc Environment