TurboGears 2: Setting up on Windows

TurboGears is one of several web frameworks for Python that are available. The most popular by far is Django. Where I work, we chose TurboGears because of its integration with SQLAlchemy which supports composite keys. At that time, Django did not support that feature and I am not sure if it does yet. Anyway, I […]

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Weekly Python News (12/31/2010)

This week’s Python news covers new modules, updates to old modules, a newish Python Magazine (no, not that one!), an update on what’s going on with the new wxPython and more! “TurboGears Joins the Pylons Project” (Alt title: TurboGears Becomes TurboPyramid). I think the title says it all…and no, they didn’t really rename the project.

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Using Multiple Databases in TurboGears 2

Last week, I embarked on an adventure into the world of web application programming. Since my work place uses Python as much as possible and my boss likes TurboGears, I chose it for this endeavor. I have worked through various TurboGears tutorials and thought it looked pretty cool. However, it doesn’t take long to discover

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