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Shortening URLS with wxPython

During the summer, I stumbled upon an article on Ars Technica about using PyGTK to create a URL shortener. I thought that was pretty interesting, but I don’t use PyGTK. So at that point, I decided to write my own using wxPython and use the article’s code to do the shortening. I hacked together something pretty quickly and then put this article on the back burner and kind of forgot about it. Today, I decided to go ahead and finish it and also create an application that can shorten URLs using other popular URL shorteners. Continue reading Shortening URLS with wxPython

wxPython Sizers Tutorial: Using a GridBagSizer

In this tutorial, I will take my code from the GridSizer tutorial I wrote the other day and heavily modify it to display oddly shaped widgets in a GridBagSizer. The GridBagSizer is the most complex of the sizers. It subclasses the FlexGridSizer, so you can use all of it’s parent’s methods as well as those that the GridBagSizer adds. See the docs or use Python’s help() functionality for more information on said methods.

Continue reading wxPython Sizers Tutorial: Using a GridBagSizer