PyCon 2010: Saturday – Morning Lightning Talks

On Saturday morning, PyCon hosted some Lightning Talks for about half an hour. Here are the topics and authors (when I caught their names):

Joseph Tate – A web anti-pattern

Securing Python Package Management – Justin Samuel

The State of Crypto in Python – Geremy Condra

Haystack for Django, has custom search, includes tests and docs. Install Solr/Whoose/Xapian, then install Haystack

Contribute to Twisted – a plea to get people involved in Twisted dev

There was another guy who presented without slides as he or the Twisted guy managed to blow a fuse that caused the projectors to malfunction or something. I’ve already forgotten what he presented on. I thought the Haystack one was the most interesting as it engaged me the most. The others were interesting in there own way, but most of those talks needed more than 5-10 minutes to truly flush out their topics.