Weekly Python News (01/07/2011)

Another week, another set of Python news items. This week

  • Andrew Kuchling received a PSF Community Award
  • Doug Hellman also received a PSF Community Award. Congrats to the both of you. I just wish that the PSF blog was a little more verbose about why these guys got the award and how one gets selected.
  • Sean Reifschneider created a new CookieSession to the bottlesession library
  • kitchen 0.2.2 was released this week. According to the blog, “Kitchen is a python module of small, useful snippets of code. It has functions to help with internationalizing applications, working with unicode and byte strings, iterators, and a whole bunch more.”
  • PyCon 2011 Tutorials are up
  • 2 Python and the Cloud articles: The Promise of the Cloud and Cloud Snakes
  • The Sphinx project had a new release this week.
  • PyCon 2011 has a listing of their accepted talks up (finally!)

Lots of web technology releases this week. Everyone seems to be getting more and more pumped about web apps, so I suppose I will have to start digging into the various Python-related web frameworks and learn their inner workings.

Just to mix things up a little, I’ll include a few random Twitter tweets I found:

  • luzifer1984: New Experimental #Python #GAE Datastore API via GVR>> http://goo.gl/agx9T
  • lashingpumpkin: RT @ojiidotch: Dear #Python Developers: Stop putting your downloads somewhere else than pypi. Thank you!
  • szul: #FF for app building @appcelerator @ActiveState #titanium #python #javascript

Have a great week!