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Python’s Creator Guido Van Rossom Joins Microsoft

Guido van Rossum announced yesterday that he is coming out of retirement to join Microsoft’s Developer Division:

Reddit’s community’s have mixed reactions to the news.

Personally, I hope it will be a positive thing. While I had hoped that Guido would get Python into Android development when he was Google and that didn’t happen, I am hoping that at Microsoft he will be able to promote Python in other ways. Perhaps Python can be added as an alternative to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Microsoft Office. It would be amazing to be able to use Python to script MS Office directly rather than using COM methods.

There have been a lot of complaints that developing with Python on Windows is harder than Linux and Mac. If Guido can exhert his influence while at Microsoft, perhaps that will continue to change. Python is certainly much easier to get started with now on Windows than it was 10 years ago. So I have my hopes set high that it will only get better!

Microsoft has a lot of influence. If they start promoting Python and open source even more than they have been, then I see that as a positive thing.

Blackberry Released an Anti-Malware Tool Written in Python

In case you missed it earlier this month, Blackberry released a tool of theirs that they use for reverse engineering malware. That tool is called PE Tree and is open-source and written in Python.

Blackberry used the popular PyQt5 GUI toolkit to write that displays a tree view of portable executables, which makes it easier dump and reconstruct malware that is in memory.

The PR Tree tool works on Windows, Mac and Linux. It can run as a standalone application or as a plugin for IDAPython, which itself is a plugin for a disassembler.

This sounds like a really neat tool. If nothing else, it will be a good application to use for learning how to create a real-world GUI with Python.

Weekly Python News (01/07/2011)

Another week, another set of Python news items. This week

  • Andrew Kuchling received a PSF Community Award
  • Doug Hellman also received a PSF Community Award. Congrats to the both of you. I just wish that the PSF blog was a little more verbose about why these guys got the award and how one gets selected.
  • Sean Reifschneider created a new CookieSession to the bottlesession library
  • kitchen 0.2.2 was released this week. According to the blog, “Kitchen is a python module of small, useful snippets of code. It has functions to help with internationalizing applications, working with unicode and byte strings, iterators, and a whole bunch more.”
  • PyCon 2011 Tutorials are up
  • 2 Python and the Cloud articles: The Promise of the Cloud and Cloud Snakes
  • The Sphinx project had a new release this week.
  • PyCon 2011 has a listing of their accepted talks up (finally!)

Lots of web technology releases this week. Everyone seems to be getting more and more pumped about web apps, so I suppose I will have to start digging into the various Python-related web frameworks and learn their inner workings.

Just to mix things up a little, I’ll include a few random Twitter tweets I found:

  • luzifer1984: New Experimental #Python #GAE Datastore API via GVR>> http://goo.gl/agx9T
  • lashingpumpkin: RT @ojiidotch: Dear #Python Developers: Stop putting your downloads somewhere else than pypi. Thank you!
  • szul: #FF for app building @appcelerator @ActiveState #titanium #python #javascript

Have a great week!