Top Ten Articles of 2011

Everyone likes retrospective articles. I’m not sure why, but lists just pull people in. Last year, my top ten list was pretty popular, so this year I’m going to do it again. This year I hit 247,901 visits and 345,452 page views over the course of the year compared with 137,727 visits and 213,814 page views last year.

  1. A Simple Step-by-Step Reportlab Tutorial
  2. with 16,378 page views, posted 03/08/2010

  3. How to Send Email with Python with 11,459 page views, posted 05/14/2010
  4. A cx_Freeze Tutorial – Build a Binary Series! with 9,735 page views, posted 08/12/2010
  5. Python and Microsoft Office – Using PyWin32 with 9,336 page views, posted 07/16/2010
  6. Another Step-by-Step SqlAlchemy Tutorial (part 1 of 2) with 7,990 page views, posted 02/03/2010
  7. Python: Parsing XML with minidom with 7,900 page views, posted 11/12/2010
  8. Manipulating PDFs with Python and pyPdf with 7,304 page views, posted 05/15/2010
  9. wxPython: wx.ListCtrl Tips and Tricks with 7,265 page views, posted 01/04/2011
  10. Reportlab Tables – Creating Tables in PDFs with Python with 6,634 page views, posted 09/21/2010
  11. Python 101: How to Open a File or Program with 6,440 page views, posted 09/04/2010

Last time, I thought I’d get some articles written about other GUI toolkits during 2011, but I never really got into any. Instead, I wrote a lot of wxPython articles. As you can tell from the list above, they weren’t super popular with only one making the top ten. Maybe this year I’ll spread out a bit and actually look at some of the other GUI toolkits. I’m also planning to write more on the topics that made it into my top ten list two years running such as reportlab and SqlAlchemy. If you can think of anything involving those 3 topics that you’d like to know more about, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll consider writing about it.

I hope you’re ready for another rocking year of Python programming. I know I am!

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  1. I really appreciated your wxpython articles. Yours was the go-to blog when i needed an example. Thanks.

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