Weekly Python Links Roundup (6/1/2012)

It’s the first Friday of June and I’ve read a bunch of new articles this week. From the Vern’s rant about getting Python jobs to a review of the web2py cookbook, there’s lots of fun things going on in Python land. Here are just a few other articles I thought were interesting:

As usual, if you happen to have read something neat about Python this week, feel free to link to it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Python Links Roundup (6/1/2012)”

  1. Hey, I thought it was interesting anyway. I hope you keep putting up fun articles!

  2.  Sorry. My only “issue” was that there wasn’t a lot of explanation of the code itself. Looking back at the article, it looks like it’s mostly self explanatory. I guess I didn’t read it closely enough.

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