Top Ten Articles of 2012

I forgot to get this article done for the first of the year as I have in the past. I hope you find some interesting reading material from this tardy post. I also hope my readers have had wonderful holidays and are looking forward to the upcoming year!

Note: I use Google Analytics to help me figure out which articles are doing well and get lots of other interesting information. That is where this information comes from.

  1. Python 101: How to Open a File or Program (32,631 page views)
  2. How to Send Email with Python (25,573 page views)
  3. Python: Parsing XML with minidom (23,813 page views)
  4. A Simple Step-by-Step Reportlab Tutorial (22,260 page views)
  5. Python 101: An Intro to logging (16,171 page views)
  6. Python and Microsoft Office – Using PyWin32 (14,084 page views)
  7. A cx_Freeze Tutorial – Build a Binary Series! (12,724 page views)
  8. Python: A Simple Step-by-Step SQLite Tutorial (11,834 page views)
  9. Another Step-by-Step SqlAlchemy Tutorial (part 1 of 2) (10,207 page views)
  10. wxPython: wx.ListCtrl Tips and Tricks (10,142 page views)

I always find it interesting how the articles from the past still get so many hits. Seven of these articles are from 2010, one is from 2011 and only two are from 2012. Hopefully the articles I write this year will prove as enduring as the ones from years past. As always, I welcome suggestions on what to write about or Python books to review. I look forward to hearing from you this year!

Top Ten Lists of Yore