Top Ten Articles of 2016

I try to write a retrospective of the previous year every year, usually for the first day of the new year. However due to tons of projects and family medical issues, I ended up pushing it to today. The year 2016 was pretty exciting. I wrote two books. The first was a sequel to my first book, Python 101 which I titled Python 201: Intermediate Python. Then at the end of December 2016 I released my third book, wxPython Cookbook which is my longest book to date.

The blog has done well too. For 2016, we hit 957,763 pageviews. That’s almost one MILLION page views, which is pretty exciting! Let’s take a look at what the top ten articles ended up being this year:

My introductory Reportlab tutorial continues to dominate the list with a second Reportlab tutorial making it onto the very bottom of the list. There are also two logging related articles, so there must be a lot of interest in doing that with Python. The biggest takeaway for me is that 40% of the list is made up of my Python 101 series while the rest is primarily introductory pieces to module in Python or 3rd party libraries (with the exception of item #10).

There is definitely still a lot of interest in introductory articles and in Reportlab. This combined with the feedback I receive from my readers helps me determine what to focus on in 2017. I hope to continue writing useful tutorials on much more of Python’s standard library in addition to the many cool 3rd party modules I keep stumbling across. I am also going to start writing at least one book this year that I hope my readers will enjoy.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else 2017 has to offer. I hope you will join me as we discover this year together!

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  1. Yes, I’m looking forward to 2017 too!

    Your blog posts are really helpfull to me!
    Keep up the good work!

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