Pyowa Meeting (Feb 2017)

The local Python users group, Pyowa, was restarted last night after a year and a half hibernation. I hadn’t been to one of their meetings in a few years, but I had decided at the end of 2016 to get it going again. Once the ball was rolling, we got multiple offers of sponsorships for the meeting and ended up going with Pillar Technology for our first meeting of 2017. They call their space The Forge and they provided pizza and refreshments. They are located in downtown Des Moines.

We had around 23 or so people show up including the staff from Pillar. Our speaker was Jesse Horne from Pioneer and he talked about Chalice, a Python Serverless Microframework for AWS (Amazon Web Services). Chalice is kind of a lightweight Flask. Jesse ended up writing a very basic book database web application. While there were some technical issues, the crowd was very supportive and helpful and I thought that the meeting went quite well. There was even a robot wandering around that was remote controlled by one of the employees of Pillar.

The next meeting is currently scheduled for March 7th @ Pioneer. Keep an eye on Pyowa’s website for an update to get the latest information.

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  1. Yeah, I need to do photos in general when it comes to Pyowa. The robot was basically a wheeled base with a long pole and a 12-14″ screen mounted on top that was a video feed of whoever was controlling the robot at the time.

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