10 Years of Mouse Vs the Python

When I first started this blog, ten years ago today, I never thought I would be blogging about Python for a decade. In fact, the very first post wasn’t even about the Python language itself, but about me going to PyCon in Chicago. In fact, I wrote 7 articles about that first PyCon event before I wrote my very first tutorial-like article, which happened to be about reading OpenVPN’s status using wxPython and PyWin32.

Frankly this blog wouldn’t exist at all if there wasn’t a few readers that reached out to me to tell me how helpful the blog was or to put in article requests. Because of that encouragement, I continued writing and Python ended up being one of my passions. In fact, the continued encouragement and suggestions led me to writing my first book, Python 101, as well.

I don’t know if blogging will still be popular in another ten years, but if people continue to enjoy my content than I will continue to keep writing it. Thanks for all your support and happy coding!