Python 101 2nd Edition Released!

My latest book, Python 101 (2nd Edition), is now available on Leanpub (PDF, epub, mobi) and Amazon (paperback / Kindle).

I rewrote Python 101 almost completely from scratch. I used the original as a guide, but this book is completely fresh. It is based on Python 3.8 and covers lots of beginner and intermediate topics.

Python 101 has 4 sections:

  • Part I – The Python Language
  • Part II – Beyond the Basics (Intermediate material)
  • Part III – Practical Python (Sample apps and more)
  • Part IV – Distributing Your Code (PyPI, Windows and Mac executables)

Steven Lott, a popular author of Python books, wrote a book review for Python 101 on his blog. Check it out for his perspective.

Python 101 2nd Ed Kickstarter