Python Image Processing Kickstarter Coming Next Week!

I will be launching a new Kickstarter on Monday, January 4th to help launch my 9th book, Pillow: Image Processing with Python.

In this book, you will learn how to edit photos with Python. You will discover how to extract metadata, crop, apply filters, resize and so much more!

Pillow: Image Processing with Python Kickstarter

Here is the high-level table of contents:

  • Chapter 1 – Pillow Basics
  • Chapter 2 – Colors
  • Chapter 3 – Getting Image Metadata (ExifTags / TiffTags)
  • Chapter 4 – Image Filters
  • Chapter 5 – Cropping, Rotating & Resizing Images
  • Chapter 6 – Enhancing Images (ImageEnhance)
  • Chapter 7 – Combining Images
  • Chapter 8 – Drawing with Pillow (ImageDraw)
  • Chapter 9 – ImageChops
  • Chapter 10 – Pillow Integration with GUIs
Note: This table of contents is subject to change. Chapters may be re-ordered, renamed, added, or deleted as the author sees fit.

You can preview and follow the Kickstarter now!