Announcing: Image Processing with Python Kickstarter

I am happy to announce my latest book project, Pillow: Image Processing with Python. This book will teach you how to use Pillow, the “friendly” fork of the Python Imaging Library (PIL).  You can purchase early access to the book on Kickstarter as well as get exclusive perks there such as T-shirts, signed copies of the paperback, and discounted copies of some of my other books.

Pillow: Image Processing with Python Kickstarter

Pillow: Image Processing with Python will cover the following topics:

  • Accessing image metadata
  • Working with image colors
  • Opening / viewing images with Python
  • Applying filters to images
  • Cropping, rotating and resizing photos
  • Enhancing photos with Python
  • Combining images
  • and more!

This book is focused on the Pillow package. You will not be learning about image recognition here as that is the domain of other Python packages, like OpenCV or Scikit-image. Instead, you will learn how to use Pillow to do many different types of image manipulations using small code examples. These can be used to batch process your images.

You will also learn how to create small, cross-platform GUIs with Python that will let you try out Pillow on your images in real-time.

Check out the Kickstarter now to support the book. It will be published on all major platforms in April 2021, but you can get early access now!