The Indie Python Extravaganza Book Bundle

I am joining some of my fellow indie content creators to create a FREE Python book bundle for the month of October 2021!

The Indie Python Extravaganza!

A collection of books that will help you to improve your knowledge of the Python programming language one page at a time. Join four indie authors in a journey from the basics of Python to the structure of production-ready systems, going through the core features of the language, some intermediate projects and a deep dive into regular expressions.

In this bundle, Mike will teach you the basics of Python with Python 101. Sundeep will then take the lead and help you to put your knowledge into practice with Practice Python Projects. Learn what NOT to do when writing your Python programs with Rodrigo in his Pydon’ts book! If you need to learn regular expressions, Sundeep has again your back with his Python re(gex)? book, and when you are ready to start working on production code, you’ll have Clean Architectures in Python to help you!

The Indie Python Extravaganza Book Bundle

This bundle is only available for FREE for the month of October, 2021.

Only available on Leanpub!

Here is more information about the books in this bundle:

Python 101

2nd edition

by Mike Driscoll

Learn how to write Python and beyond. You will not only learn the syntax of Python, but you will also create prototype applications and binaries that you can share with your family and friends.


Practice Python Projects

Beginner to Intermediate level projects inspired by real-world use cases

by Sundeep Agarwal

Know Python basics but don’t know what to do next? Take the next step in your programming journey with real world inspired Python projects.



Write elegant Python code

by Rodrigo Girão Serrão

Python has so many libraries that people often forget to take their time to learn about all the really interesting and useful features that Python offers.

The Pydon’ts teach you these core features of Python, with plenty of code examples to show you how these features are used in real code in the real world.

Want to master Python? Start here ????.


Python re(gex)?

A magical tool for text processing

by Sundeep Agarwal

Scripting and automation tasks often need to extract particular portions of text from input data or modify them from one format to another.

This book will help you learn Python Regular Expressions, a mini-programming language for all sorts of text processing needs.


Clean Architectures in Python

A practical approach to better software design

by Leonardo Giordani

What is a good software architecture? Why should we bother structuring the code and spending time testing it? If you like spending hours debugging your programs or staying late at the office to recover from a buggy deploy in production this book is definitely NOT for you!

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