Python Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales 2021

Lots of companies do sales on Black Friday, sometimes for the entire week. I am going to link to Black Friday sales for Python-related materials, including my own, in this article.

I am having a sale where you can get $10 off if you use the following coupon: black21. This coupon works on any of my Python books on Gumroad

This code will work on my newest book, Automating Excel with Python. It will also work on older titles like Pillow: Image Processing with Python and Creating GUI Applications with wxPython among others.

All My Python Books

Other Python Sales

There are other indie authors and regular publishers that are having sales. Here are a few:

My friend, Sundeep, is also having some Python book sales:

1) Practice Python Projects ( ebook is free (normal price $10)

2) Learn by example Python bundle ( is $2 (normal price $12) – includes Python re(gex)?, 100 Page Python Intro and Practice Python Projects

3) All Books Bundle ( is $5 (normal price $22) – includes all three Python books mentioned in the bundle above

These sales from Sundeep are good until the end of November

Trey Hunner is keeping track of all the Python sales too on his site, so check it out too so that you don’t miss anything