The Python Quiz Book is Now Available

The Python Quiz Book is Mike Driscoll’s latest book on the Python programming language. There are over one hundred quizzes and answers in the book to help you test your Python knowledge.

From the Publisher

Test your Python programming language the fun way… Rather than making annoying mistakes in your code!

The Python Quiz Book does exactly what it says on the cover. It is packed with intriguing brainteasers that will have beginners to advanced programmers scratching their craniums… This book will help you become a better engineer!

Some of the quizzes are esoteric or show bad programming practices. You benefit from learning what not to do in your code. Moreover, the book also contains a plethora of hints and tips about python that will make your programming life much easier.

The Python Quiz Book has over 100 quizzes with each one offering you vital learning points on programming with Python like a pro.

Give your brain a workout today and grab the Python Quiz book now!

Early Reviews

Here is a small sample of early reviews of The Python Quiz Book:

The Python Quiz book is a great teaching addtion

Excellent and Easy to read

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