PyCon 2017 Videos are Up

The PyCon 2017 videos are already available on Youtube. Here are some highlights: The Vanderplas Keynote Raymond Hettinger’s “Modern Python Dictionaries — A confluence of a dozen great ideas” Brett Cannon’s “What’s New in Python 3.6?” And there’s much more here:

PyCon 2012 Videos Are Up!

The PyCon USA talk videos are finally starting to come online. You can check them out here: I’m wondering why they chose this over the miro site that they’ve been using for the last few years. Maybe someone in the know can comment on that. I noticed the streams I linked to seemed to …

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Disqus Replaces Convore for PyCon 2012!

For those of you who didn’t know, Convore is out and it looks like Disqus is in: I thought Convore was pretty interesting last year, although there were some minor issues. I’ll be interested to hear what people think of the disqus system compared to convore though.

PyCon USA 2012 Livestreams Talks!

I saw on Twitter that you can watch a Livestream of PyCon here: It seems to work and there’s even a Twitter feed along the bottom of the site. Check it out if you didn’t make it either!

PyCon USA 2012 is Here

In case you didn’t realize it, PyCon has officially started today in Santa Clara, CA. Sadly my organization was too slow footed to secure a ticket for me, so I won’t be there to report on what’s going on this year. Instead, I’ll try to post links to other people’s blogs so you can get …

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PyCon 2011: Sunday Plenaries with Threadless, Disqus and OpenStack

On Sunday, March 13th, the final official PyCon conference day occurred (there were sprint days that followed, of course). Anyway, they had three interesting plenaries to help lead us into that day’s talks. Read on to find out what they were about. The Threadless Plenary Chris McAvoy, VP of Technology at Threadless in Chicago gave …

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