My Projects

These are open source projects that I’m involved in.


  • MediaLocker – a wxPython Application for managing your personal media


  • wxPython via their wiki and my blog
  • MplayerCtrl – embed the cross-platform Mplayer in wxPython
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  • Good article My Projects it cools great here.

  • Chapter 3

    Hi, this is really an awesome python blog that I have came across surfing the net!

    Examples are clear, neat, concise, easy to understand and read.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Coleman

    A man by the name of Nick Driscoll sent me your way. I am a Software Engineer at Iowa State University, and this blog has taken my python abilities to their height. Thank you!

  • driscollis

    The easiest way to make sure you’re doing things right is to write the code without the GUI first. Then when you have a script that works, put that in the button handler.

  • pytho

    I need to checkout svn using python script.I use python 2.7 and i wrote
    svn checkout svn://localhost/dev/main “C:UsersDocuments. It is showing syntax error. I could checkout creating batch file and running it on command line. Please help me out.

  • pytho

    how to install msi using python script?